Carroll tells Seahawks fans how ‘we love beating’ Harbaugh – Town Meeting

by Cam Inman

Bragging rights roared Wednesday night from coach Pete Carroll at the Seattle Seahawks’ annual “Town Hall” with season-ticket holders.

Carroll played to the crowd when he praised 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh before concluding: “We love beating him.”

Carroll - We Love Beating Harbaugh
Carroll – Harbaugh rivalry dates back to when Carroll was at USC and Harbaugh at Stanford.

Harbaugh’s 49ers won in his first three games against Carroll’s Seahawks. But Carroll has won 3 of 4 meetings since then, and Carroll now has a Super Bowl win to his credit.

Their coaching rivalry dates back to when Carroll was at USC and Harbaugh at Stanford before each headed for their current NFL posts. That included a famous exchange after Stanford ran away with a 55-21 upset at USC in 2009, when Carroll asked Harbaugh “What’s your deal?”

Wednesday night’s “Town Hall” brought a similar question from a young fan, asking “how real” the rivalry is between Carroll and Harbaugh.

“Next question,” Carroll initially joked in response. “Honestly, this is going to really disappoint you but we don’t look at our opponents as rivals.  Full Story…

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