Hilarious Video – Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

Update:  This was maybe just a little too funny for the NFL.  It has been recently removed from YouTube for copyright related issues.

Richard Sherman vs the San Francisco 49ers parody

It doesn’t really matter weather you are a Seahawks or 49ers fan this video is pretty damm entertaining.  That being said I don’t think you will find many 49er fans that would openly agree.

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Seattle Was 9-1 in Prime Time Games in 2013

9-1 in Prime Time Games and Nearly All Were Blowouts

According to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the league decided to limit the number of prime time games featuring the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. The decision was reached because they were concerned with the possibility of future blow outs hurting TV ratings.

The notion that the Seahawks, the defending Super Bowl champions, only got one home game in prime time (for now) is being perceived as a slap in the face. But Seattle is still playing eight games at home, where they have a considerable advantage.

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Carroll tells Seahawks fans how ‘we love beating’ Harbaugh – Town Meeting

by Cam Inman

Bragging rights roared Wednesday night from coach Pete Carroll at the Seattle Seahawks’ annual “Town Hall” with season-ticket holders.

Carroll played to the crowd when he praised 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh before concluding: “We love beating him.”

Carroll - We Love Beating Harbaugh
Carroll – Harbaugh rivalry dates back to when Carroll was at USC and Harbaugh at Stanford.

Harbaugh’s 49ers won in his first three games against Carroll’s Seahawks. But Carroll has won 3 of 4 meetings since then, and Carroll now has a Super Bowl win to his credit.

Their coaching rivalry dates back to when Carroll was at USC and Harbaugh at Stanford before each headed for their current NFL posts. That included a famous exchange after Stanford ran away with a 55-21 upset at USC in 2009, when Carroll asked Harbaugh “What’s your deal?”

Wednesday night’s “Town Hall” brought a similar question from a young fan, asking “how real” the rivalry is between Carroll and Harbaugh.

“Next question,” Carroll initially joked in response. “Honestly, this is going to really disappoint you but we don’t look at our opponents as rivals.  Full Story…

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Happy Birthday Seattle Seahawks

This day in history June 4, 1974

Per one of the agreed parts of the 1970 AFL-NFL Merger, the NFL began planning to expand from 26 to 28 teams.[1] On June 15, 1972 Seattle Professional Football Inc., a group of Seattle business and community leaders started by Herman Sarkowsky and Ned Skinner, announced its intention to acquire an NFL franchise for Seattle.[2] Almost 2 years later on June 4, 1974, the NFL awarded the group an expansion franchise. On December 5, 1974, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle announced the official signing of the franchise agreement by Lloyd W. Nordstrom, representing the Nordstrom family as majority partners for the consortium. Nordstrom died of a heart attack on January 20, 1976, just months before the Seahawks played their first game.  Read more….

Happy Birthday Seattle Seahawks!

Birthday card to Seahawks

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Who Will Win Seattle Seahawks’ Battle for Right Tackle?

The Seattle Seahawks have the majority of their starters decided on, but there are some positions that will require some figuring out. Right tackle is one of the major ones, and they’re in a pretty favorable predicament in this case.

On the one hand is sophomore lineman Michael Bowie who was shuffled in and out of the starting rotation last season before taking over full-time at the tail end of the season. He’s a former seventh-round pick, but he sure didn’t play like it last year—he had instances of being a pretty great player, and he was an integral part of the team’s top-ranked rushing attack.

The other leading option is rookie lineman Justin Britt, a monster-sized blocker who’s often praised for his physicality. Britt showed his value in college against the country’s top talent, but can he handle the level of competition at the NFL level?

Right now, who knows?

What we do know is that Britt and Bowie both deserve a shot to earn a starting role, and they will be locked in a heated battle throughout camp. Bowie did a tremendous job down the stretch for Seattle last season after he joined the Carroll’s rotation along the offensive line. He played guard as well as tackle in 2013, and could fit into the team’s line at either position.

Bowie also has pretty good size for a tackle at 6’4”, 335 pounds, but Britt does beat him by a smidgen at a towering 6’6”, 325 pounds.

Given how well Bowie performed as a guard last season and the Seahawks’ apparent need for some help inside, he might help the team more on the interior instead of as a tackle.

In looking at Britt’s performance through mini-camp, he’s shown that he can hold his own so far as an NFL player and could likely do well as their right tackle—which would allow Bowie to kick inside. Britt’s exactly the type of mauling blocker that Cable’s scheme requires to be successful, and will become an important part of their running game.

Britt is obviously the one that has some catching up to do considering Bowie already has a year in the NFL under his belt, but he seems to be picking things up well. Pete Carroll had this to say about the former Missouri Tiger following the team’s recent rookie mini-camp (via Bob Condotta, Seattle Times):

He picked everything up, he’s very well prepared technique wise, he has real good footwork, his base is real good, his balance is real good for a big man, he moved well off of the line of scrimmage, he won’t have any trouble learning, it’s going to take some time of course, but he won’t any trouble picking stuff up. He’s a real serious, mature kid and I think he would jump right into the competition exactly like we had planned.

He will learn a lot from Seattle’s offensive line coach, Tom Cable, whose system favors gritty, physical blockers such as Britt. There were some concerns about his technique coming out of college, but it’s evident from Carroll’s notes that he’s doing just fine.

Realistically, this is a great problem to have. No matter which player ends up as Seattle’s starting tackle, it could likely use the other as an interior lineman as Britt has a good amount of experience at guard, just like Bowie.

In my eyes, Britt is in the driver seat. If he continues to impress and picks up Cable’s system as he’s expected to, then it’s hard not to see him as the starter. Bowie was great for Seattle at guard last season, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep him there if Britt can come in and perform well.

Read more Seattle Seahawks news on BleacherReport.com

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Seahawks Limited Edition Tribal Designs

This Custom Hawks Wear Now Available

Update: 5/30/2014

After the success of the 2012 and 2013 seasons, Seattle Seahawks gear of all kinds has been red hot. This limited edition offering is no exception. If you are looking for something just a bit off the beaten path these originals might be for you.   Grab This Today!

Pacific Northwest Artist Design

***Click on details to enlarge image***

Cool design by local NW artist Ari Glass.  Show your support please like and share!

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49er Fan Sour Grapes Lawsuit Not Likely to Hold Water

49ers Fan Sues Over Seahawks’ Ticket Policy

It appears Seattle may have restricted payoff tickets to buyers living outside a geographic area. This would seem to make perfect sense given any sports franchise would want their local supporters and fans to have the greater access to tickets. However, there could very well be some legal ramifications if Seattle decided not sell “any” tickets to “anyone” living outside a certain area.  That wasn’t the case with Seattle.

The NFL has determined that the tendency of some teams to restrict ticket sales to certain addresses gives rise to no legal issues. The conclusion of the NFL’s lawyers is about to be tested.

According to the Associated Press, a 49ers fan has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the NFL for allowing the Seahawks to limit playoff ticket orders to pro-Seattle markets.

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